Master Planning/Urban Design

Through thoughtful analysis of a site, locale or community, our team partners with our clients in blending the complex relationships between the natural environment, building design and construction, vehicular access and pedestrian experiences to create solutions for the implementation of sustainable growth and a broader vision of land development.

Research, Programming & Program Verification

Because the process is critical in transitioning from an initial project vision, our team engages with our clients in establishing both the quantitative and qualitative design goals which represent the actual spatial requirements in coordination with the aesthetic or emotional impact architecture can generate. Once complete, this phase of consulting becomes the framework upon which all ensuing design work is based.

New Building Design

Renovations /Additions

Because not all projects entail new construction, our team is well versed in the analysis necessary of existing buildings to assess both the limitations and the opportunities available in adapting, amending or adding to clients’ existing facilities. This attention to the intricacies and intersections between existing and new structures provide for the detailed documentation required to successfully complete this type of work.

Cost Estimation

Interior Design

Construction Administration